Dr. Gang Ruan

Dr. Gang Ruan Dr. Gang Ruan
Research Scientist

Email : ruan.12@osu.edu
Hometown : Changsha, China
Education Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, the National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2004
Biographical Information Dr. Gang Ruan currently holds a Research Scientist position (with principal investigator status) in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Ohio State University. Dr. Ruan’s research has been in the areas of bioengineering and nanotechnology. Dr. Ruan’s undergraduate research project was a theoretical study of transient mass transfer (with Dr. Renqiu Jiang, Harbin Engineering University, China, outstanding undergraduate research thesis). Dr. Ruan’s master thesis research (with Dr. Yaquan Wang, Tianjin University, China, several research publications) involved developing poly (amino acids) for enhancing the growth of crops as well as catalyst development. The poly (amino acids) technology eventually led to successful commercialization. His PhD research (with Drs. Sishen Feng and Qiutian Li, the National University of Singapore, Singapore) (published in Biomaterials, Journal of Controlled Release) was one of the earliest in using polymeric and lipid micro/nanoparticles for controlled release of the anticancer drug paclitaxel, and created a novel drug delivery device based on the combination of polymer and lipid-based systems. His postdoctoral research with Dr. Shuming Nie (GaTech and Emory, USA) involved intracellular imaging of quantum dots. Working closely with Dr. Amit Agrawal and using quantum dots, which have extraordinary fluorescent properties, as the model nanoparticles, he performed perhaps by far the most comprehensive and in-depth investigation of the complex behavior of nanoparticles inside live cells  (part of this work was published in JACS, cited more than 120 times in 4 years).
Current Work At Ohio State University since 2007 (working with Dr. Jessica Winter, postdoc 2007-2010, research scientist 2010-present), Dr. Ruan has developed technologies to synthesize composite nanoparticles with both fluorescence and magnetism (Nanotechnology 2010, Nano Letters 2010), a"nano-conveyor belt" technology (collaborating with Department of Physics, the Sooryakumar group, particularly Greg Vieira) (Nano Letters 2010), color-switching nanocomposites (provisional patent, Nano Letters 2011, wide media coverage), a novel technology for separating nanoparticles (invention disclosure), a novel technology for making ultra-small PLGA nanoparticles for drug delivery (provisional patent). Dr. Ruan's current work is based on the following thrusts: (1) assembling nanostructures with multifunctionality; (2) understanding the interactions of nanomaterials with biological environments; (3) exploring the applications of nanomaterials in those biological systems that have been difficult to be probed by nanomaterials, such as the interior of living cells; (4) applying nanotechnology to tackle specific diseases, such as cancers and neurological diseases.

Original Articles

  • G. Ruan, J.O. Winter. Alternating color-quantum dot nanocomposites for particle tracking. Nano Letters. 11, 941-945 (2011) (cited 3 time, Impact Factor 12.186, wide media coverage,e.g. ScienceDaily, R&D magazine, Popular Science, Chemical Engineering Progress, Biomedical Engineering Society news, Nanotechnology Now, nanowerk, Imaging & Microscopy)
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  • Ruan, G. & Winter, J.O. Nanoparticles with continuously changing colors, and preparations thereof, and methods of use in tracking of single nanoparticles and molecules. Patent no. 61/251,841. Filed October 15, 2009 (Patent pending)
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Invited Reviews

  • Suri, S., Ruan, G., Winter, J.O. & Schmidt, C.E.* Nanoparticles and microparticles. Biomaterials Science: an Introduction to Materials in Medicine (3rd edition) (submitted)
  • Ruan G, Agrawal A, Smith AM, Gao XH, Nie S, Quantum dots for molecular and cellular imaging, ANNUAL REVIEWS IN FLUORESCENCE 2006
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  • Xing Y, Smith AM, Agrawal A, Ruan G, Nie S, Profiling single cancer cells and clinical tissue specimens with semiconductor quantum dots, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE 2006

Oral Presentations

  • 18 oral presentations by Nov 2011 including 7 invited talks

Poster Presentations

  • 8 poster presentations by Oct 20 2010
  • Grants National Science Foundation, Biomaterials division, 2012.National Science Foundation, Innovation Corps, 2012. Ohio Department of Development, 3rd Frontier Technology Validation and Startup Fund 2nd phase. Institute for Materials Research Facility Grant, the Ohio State University, Jan 1, 2011-Dec 31, 2011, co-PI. Awards Ohio State Fisher Business Plan Competition 1st place, 2012. 6th Hottest Article in Engineering, ScienceDirect, 2004. Outstanding Review Paper of the Year, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2006.Teaching co-taught an elective course with 2/3 teaching load, 4.2/5.0 student evaluation score, 2011.Technology Commercialization co-founder of Core Quantum Technologies. Outreach initiated and successfully organized an outreach event to Lancaster High School, Ohio 2012. Other interests Intramural Table Tennis Men’s Single Runner-up, Emory University. Intramural Soccer Championship Team Member, the Ohio State University.