Thank you for your interest in the laboratory for Bio-Nano Probes and Biomimetic Materials. The laboratory is fairly new having been established in the summer of 2006 and we are eager to add new members. Because it is a new group, there is a substantial freedom in choice of project and research direction.

Currently, the following projects will be available:

  • [Area of greatest need.] Investigation of polymeric, tissue engineered coatings to enhance tissue contact with neural stimulation/recording devices. Individuals with experience in polymer synthesis, hydrogels, drug delivery, cell culture, and biomaterials preferred.
  • Development of magnetic-fluorescent cellular nanoprobes for manipulation of intracellular components (cytoskeleton). Individuals with experience in nanomaterials synthesis (particularly iron oxide nanoparticles and quantum dots), cell culture, and single molecule imaging preferred.
  • Development of temperature controlled self-assembled nanoparticle-polymer films. Experience with nanoparticle synthesis (particularly gold and quantum dots), polymer synthesis, biochemistry, and optics preferred.

Opportunities for employment are outlined below.


Currently, the Winter lab is looking for one post doc to work on the recently NSF funded Q STORM project. For more details, please visit qstorm website.If you are interested in postdoctoral employment please email Dr. Winter (winter.63@osu.edu). Include a copy of your CV with list of publications, and your desired start and end dates for employment.


Our group will have openings for 1-2 students next year in the areas of nanostructures to physically manipulate nerve cells and in the application of tissue engineering techniques to neural prostheses. The primary applications of this work will be improved neural prostheses, systems for neural imaging, and drug delivery. To better acquaint yourself with these areas please examine the following publications:

  • Tissue Responses to Neural Prostheses
  • Cellular Nanoprobes
  • Nanoparticles for Optical Imaging
  • Our lab is looking for members that are eager and enthusiastic. Students will need to be well-organized, able to work semi-independently, and good at troubleshooting. The initial direction of research will be chosen from the projects listed above. Lab members are expected to develop additional research directions, with Dr. Winter’s guidance, during the first project phase. The average time to completion for Ph.D.s in these areas is 5 years.

    Graduate students may be accepted to the lab only after admission to the Ohio State University. All admissions inquiries should be directed to Angela Bennett, at bennetta@chbmeng.ohio-state.edu in Chemical Engineering and Melanie Senitko at gradsec@bme.ohio-state.edu in the Biomedical Engineering department. We are happy to discuss opportunities with prospective students but cannot guarantee any student either admission to the OSU program or a place in the Winter lab. Final placement decisions are not made until arrival on campus.

    If you are interested in graduate work, please contact the appropriate OSU department for admissions. You may also contact Dr. Winter directly at winter.63@osu.edu. Please include your CV, your area of research interest, and relevant coursework and research experience.


    We are excited to off opportunities for undergraduates, regardless of experience level. Undergraduate work may be conducted in a volunteer capacity, for pay, or as part of an honors thesis. Paid positions are available only to students who have worked in a volunteer capacity for at least one trimester. Laboratory work is an intensive process that requires large blocks of uninterrupted time for proper execution. Members should have at least 10 hours per week available for work in no less than 2 hour increments. Students interested in working in the lab should contact Dr. Winter at winter.63@osu.edu. Please include your resume, schedule, including blocks available for research, a brief statement about the projects which interest you most and your career plans. If interested in an honors thesis, please confirm with your undergraduate academic advisor that you meet the minimum conditions for an honors thesis before contacting Dr. Winter.


    Positions are also available for summer internships and volunteer positions. If interested in these types of positions, contact Dr. Winter at winter.63@osu.edu. Please include the type of position that you are interested in and the expected duration, a CV/resume, and a brief statement about the projects which interest you most and your career plans. Summer internship candidates must demonstrate legal ability to work in the US.