Dr. Jessica Winter
Ohio State University
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering
335 Koffolt Labs
140 W 19th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 247-7668
(614) 292-3769 (fax)


Lab News

  • Dr. Winter’s podcast interview featured on NanoNerds Channel

    Here’s the YouTube link to her interview
    It was also featured on the MOS website: Link

  • Dr. Winter’s NanoDays presentation

    Dr. Winter’s NanoDays presentation is published on YouTube!
    Please find the link HERE!

  • Rama, HS student, won National Anti-Vivisection Society and More!

    Rama received a 3rd place award from the National Anti-Vivisection Society AND
    the state science fair: st place Osteopathic Medical Award and 1st place Future Physician Award!!
    Congratulations Rama!

  • Undergraduates received a variety of summer fellowships!

    Megan Ireland and Namrata Arya received the undergraduate research fellowship from the Office of Undergraduate Education. Zheng Hong Tan received a SUCCESS fellowship for pre-MD/PhD students, and Elleen Elliot received a NIST fellowship. Congratulations to everyone!

  • Dr. Winter featured in Design News

    Dr. Winter was featured in Design News.
    This Blog, titled Life Imitates Research For This Year’s Rising Engineering Star, can be found Here.


What We Do:

Research in the Winter lab is divided into two main areas: bionanotechnology and neural biomaterials. In the area of bionanotechnology, research focuses on nanoparticle synthesis, nanoparticle assembly, and nanofactory design for biomedical applications. Examples include synthesis of quantum dots for super-resolution imaging, synthesis of larger nanoparticles assemblies mediated by protein and DNA interactions, molecular and cell separations and sensing using magnetic quantum dots, and engineered interactions between molecular motors and cytoskeletal proteins using magnetic nanoparticle steering. In the area of neural biomaterials, we are developing materials that mimic features of brain, including dimensionality, chemistry, topography and mechanics for applications in neural disease. Examples include evaluation of glioma cell migration on nanofiber and hydrogel substrates, nanopatterned substrates to promote corneal wound healing, and nanopatterned materials to investigate migration during embryonic development.


Winter lab, Fall 2010

From top left:
(Row 1) Kalpesh Mahajan, Dr. Gang Ruan, Lucas Rodriguez, Shreyas Rao
(Row 2)  Alex Kammerer, Kristi Olesik, Kunal Parikh, Laurin Turowski
(Row 3) Ning Han, Jenny Dorcena, Dr. Jessica Winter.

Not pictured: Alex Hissong, Patrick Bradley